Highest Paying Free Recharge Apps for Android Mobile of 2017

Free Recharge apps

High paying free recharge apps. Guys today I have come to share the article which you love. Many of you listen about recharge app and apps which give recharge for free.

And also you search them daily. Because everyone in this world loves the things which are for free. Although it is rs 10 recharge, it really worth your pocket.

If you are using an android smartphone just open the play store and search this keyword “Free recharge App“. You can find over 1000 of apps there. Wait !! But don’t download them as many of these are fake and just play fraud game with you.

Later in this post, I give you the complete list of apps which are not only genuine but also are the one of the high paying.

Best Free Recharge Apps 2017

So coming to the main motive of the post. Today in next 10 minutes I will share the best list of apps which are available in android and giving the high payouts.

But wait! something really cool for you. If you get bored of recharge here also I share the apps which not only give your mobile recharges also you can do DTH recharge do free shopping. Is it good? Yes, it is really good.

Are you thinking I am just saying and doing nothing at all?  You are going to a become millionaire in next 5 minutes! its just a joke don’t take seriously. I share these apps to helps you to get rid of your monthly recharge. These apps do not make you rich at all. So don’t think I make you Mukesh Ambani. But I help you to save your money. So now wait is over presenting the list of best Free recharge apps.

True balance Highest Paying Recharge app of 2017

True balance is one of the best app ever and also the genuine one. They are launched in India in 2016 and better than all the apps available for free recharge.

They provide lots of offers to earn free mobile recharge. The good thing they are giving instant Rs 10 recharge on sign up. you will get instant 10 Rs free recharge for just downloading this app.

Not only this you can refer your friends and get another Rs 10 for every friend. So follow below steps to learn how to earn free mobile recharge from Truebalance app.

  • First, download the Truebalance App in your android phone. Download from here.

   Click here to Download App

  • Now open app.
  • First, enter your mobile number and enter any password.
  • Click on Register option. Now next you will get 6 Digit OTP code on your mobile number. Enter code and proceed further.
  • Yipee! you will see Rs 10 in your account. Click on recharge option at the top. Now select Rs.10 package and click on the buy now.
  • Just proceed further and you will get Free Rs 10 recharge on your mobile number.
  • To earn more money click on “Earn” tab and you will see you’re special refer link there.
  • Share link with your friends and when someone downloads the app you will get Rs 10. Now you can earn unlimited free recharge. Enjoy!

Champ Cash

Champcash is one of the best apps to earn real money by just sitting in your house. They are one of the most trusted app.

Good thing they are giving 1$ on sign up and also 0.50$ per refer. Not only this there plan works like chain system and you can earn lakhs of rupees sitting at home.

You can also do mobile recharge with your earnings and also transfer it to your bank account. The app is trusted so don’t worry that they will not get your money. Let us know started to earn lakhs of money sitting at home.

1)  First Download the champcash app from here.

   Download Champcash app

2)Click on “Sign up with champcash” option.

3) Complete the form with complete details like name, email, password and all other details.

4) Now enter this Sponsor Id: 9642368. Next, accept the Challenge.

5) Now follow their instructions and download all apps they said. It is an important step and I know it will spoil your Data pack but don’t worry after that you are going to earn huge money.

6) After you complete challenge you will get 1$ in your account.

Mcent App

This is the one of the oldest app in India which provides free money for recharge. many of you know about mcent because it is very famous.

Today they are also acting as a good app in play store to earn recharge but when they come in the market they give high refer amount. But now they are providing Rs 15 recharge per refer.

Also, they provide apps which give high money and you can earn unlimited mobile recharge. The app is not giving any money on sign up but it is still better as you can earn by referring your friends.

You can also download apps from mCent and you will earn money for just downloading apps. It is very good app.

You must see it! So follow steps to get free recharge from the mCent app.

1) First, download the mCent app for android from here.

   Download App from here

2) Click on “Join Now” option. enter your mobile number and any password.

3) You will receive a 4 Digit OTP code in your mobile number. Enter that and proceed further.

4) Now you will see many apps. Download any app and you will get free money as written against the app.

5) When you have minimum Rs 10 you can do free recharge.

6) To refer your friends click on the + icon at the top. Get your unique refer link. Share it with your friend and you will get rs 15 when your friend downloads the mCent app and also download 1 app from the offer section.

Pocket Money App

This app launched in 2016 and got millions of downloads in just a few months. the good thing about this app is that you can redeem your earnings into Paytm wallet.

From where you can do your free recharge and DTH recharge. Also, you use your money to do free online shopping.

Also, you can earn unlimited money by downloading apps from their section.

The app is also running refer and earn program and giving a high amount of Rs 25 per refer. So follow steps to earn money from this free recharge app.

  • First, download Pocket Money app from here.

Click here to download

  • Enter your mobile number and verify it with OTP.
  • Now you are on the dashboard. You will see many offers and apps giving high money.
  • Complete any task and earn money.
  • Click on refer and earn option and get your refer link. Share it with your friends and get Rs 25 per refer. You can transfer your money to Paytm also.

Cashboss Android App

Cashboss is powered by coupondunia, one of the best coupon site. The app is very good and provides high paying offers. They also have refer and earn program.

You can earn unlimited recharge without doing nothing hard. Also, you can transfer your money into Paytm wallet. The app is giving Rs 15 per referring.

You will also earn free money by there spin a wheel option and try your luck to earn big rewards. Follow below steps to sign up for Cashboss app.

  • Download Cashboss app from here.

Download from here

  • Sign up on the app enter your mobile number and enter refer code this: C896F2
  • Now you are inside the app. Complete offers and earn free recharge.
  • Go to Refer to earn option. Get your refer code from there.
  • Share it with your friends and earn Rs 15 for every friend who download Cashboss app and complete one offer.


The app provides daily news and also free recharge. They are giving Rs 15 on sign up and rs 10 per refer. good thing you can redeem your money into paytm wallet and also do a free recharge.

So follow below steps to sign up on DON app and unlimited free recharge.

Minimum Rs 30 is required in the wallet to your mobile recharge and transfer money into paytm. You will get Rs 4 daily by just check in into the app.

1) Download DON app from here.

Download from here

2) Click on sign up option and enter your email, mobile number, and password. and Use refer code this: 77D05C81

3) After you successfully register, download apps from offer section to get free credits.

4) Go to refer and earn option. Get your refer code from there.

5) share DON app with your friends and you will get Rs 10 for every friend who download don app and complete one offer.

6) This is my favorite app from this big list of “Free recharge apps

DataBack App

As I told in starting I am not only sharing free recharge apps but also other apps which benefit you. Databack is the best Android app to earn Free data.

Now you will get your data back. This means data you use will again come back. This is the best feature of this app.

Moreover, Yo will get 5MB on sign up. You can refer your friend ad get 25 MB for every friend. Follow steps to sign up on Databack app.

  • Download databack app from below.

Click here to download

  • Enter your mobile number and email address. Verify your mobile number with OTP.
  • You will get 5MB on sign up.
  • Now use your apps and get your all data back.
  • Go to refer and earn option. Get your own refer link from there.
  • Share it with your friends and get Rs 25 MB per refer.

1 Paisa App

This is the best app if you have lots of friends. 1 Paisa provides high paying offers and surveys. You will get your recharge instant. The app is giving 7 Rs per refer.

Also, you will get free rs 20 on sign up for completing small tasks. Just follow below steps to sign up on 1 Paisa App.

1) Download 1 Paisa app from below.

Click here to download

2) Login with your facebook account.

3) Now when you are inside the app complete offers to earn points.

4) Go to refer and earn option and get your refer link share it with your loved ones and get Rs 7 per refer.

Slide App

The slide is found top be the best free recharge app due to its different concept. Now you will earn money just for unlocking your smartphone. Yes! this is right you will earn 10 paise every time you unlock your phone.

App add promotional ads at your home screen which let you earn free money.

Not only this app is giving rs 5 on sign up and also Rs 5 for every friend you refer. You can redeem your earning in the form of free recharge.

You can also transfer your money into Paytm or mobikwik wallet. So learn how to earn unlimited recharge from slide app.

  • First, download slide app from below.

Download here

  • Login into the app with your facebook account.
  • As you register successfully you will see Rs 5 into your account as sign up bonus.
  • You came earn money just for unlocking your phone or you can refer your friends. To refer your friends, go to refer and earn section and get your refer link.
  • Share it with your friends and get Rs 5 per refer.


More apps are Coming Soon………


So, guys, I think you have downloaded the above apps are earning money like a champ. If you have any query and need any help feel free to comment below. Have I missed any good free recharge apps? let me know through comments. So download now the best free recharge apps 2017.



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