How to Customize Nova Launcher like a Pro?

Nova Launcher

The Google play store today is flooded with hundreds of Android launchers that help you to customize your smartphone. Out of these modern launchers, one launcher stands apart from the crowd and is geek’s favourite launcher. The launcher we are referring to is Nova Launcher.

Nova launcher is one of the legacy launchers and is one of the oldest launcher dating back to early Android days.

A lot has changed over the time and many new trends were seen in this segment, but Nova launcher still the list of best Android launchers 2017.

Nova launcher is the choice of home screen for millions of Android fans and reason why it won millions of Android users love is that it is unique and highly customizable.

Nova launcher gives life to your imagination it lets you create whatever design you wish. Thanks to thousands of themes and widgets that support Nova launcher.

The legacy launcher is packed with tonnes of unique modern features to complete with the latest launchers that are capable of having 3d effects. Check out the full list of features that contributed to its popularity

Features of Nova Launcher:

  • Icon themes and subgrid positioning.
  • Customizable app and widget drawer.
  • Backup and restore to support cross-device customization.
  • Fast and high-performance optimization.

With all these features it’s the favourite of many Android enthusiasts.

As we have mentioned earlier Nova is highly customizable, today we are here to share some tips and tricks that help you to customize Nova launcher like a pro. Additionally, we also share a few customizations we tweaked.

Some handy tips you need to keep in mind before customizing Nova launcher:

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  • Nova launcher is all about beauty and it is better you to stick with dark colours for the major background. While installing Nova launcher you get an option to choose between light and dark theme. Better to choose the dark theme.
  • Another aspect where you should focus while customizing Nova is that wallpaper selection.The same rule that you follow for theme selection is applicable here as well. Choose wallpapers with dark colours but never settle on your tastes in choosing a wallpaper.
  • The reason for choosing a dark theme is that it reflects the icons better. If you choose the lite ones then the icons and text get messed up.
  • Icon selection is one more important parameter to consider. choose icon packs that perfectly reflected over dark backgrounds. You may opt for colourful or monochrome colours either. But dark coloured icons don’t look better when compared.
  • Grid positioning & icon site: place the icons at bottom of the screen and widgets at the top. Make sure that things look “odd” in the layout. And coming to the icon site
  • Use Zooper Widgets to get additional widgets. If you want to spend a few bucks for icons Drum Destroyer Themes has a nice collection of icon packs.

These are the basic design tips that one should keep in mind while playing with Nova Launcher.

Following all these tips we have tried a few Customizations to our Home screen using Nova Launcher and have shared the details with our readers. Do check them below and try them!

Before doing any customization, download Nova launcher from the Google Play store and set it as the default Launcher. Follow the onscreen setup guide during the initial installation. If you are already using it then skip this step.

Nova Launcher Design Inspiration:

Before tweaking your home screen with this design you need to install a few apps:

let’s start with the Icon Pack followed by some widgets and finally the lock screen.

We have chosen The Grid – Icon Pack (Free Version) for this design as it offers beautiful icons that are inspired by Tron movie. Additionally, you also get suitable wallpapers inside this so that you don’t need to install another app.

Install the Icon Pack by clicking here from Play Store.

Once the pack is installed apply the icon to the launcher by clicking on the 4th tab and choosing Nova launcher. Now choose the wallpaper in the respective tab and apply it.

Once everything looks good install CSBW widget from Play Store if you want to customize the Google Search Bar accordingly. (This one is optional).

Now it is the time to customize the lock screen. Install the lock screen Black Hole Lock Screen from Play Store and enable it with default settings.

Now it is done and when everything is good you will get an elegant home screen like the below.

Hope you might have liked the above design if you want more inspiration check out the below designs and try creating one for yourself.

Design Inspirations:

Did you like this article about Nova Launcher? Tell us your opinions. Also if you have faced any problems or stuck with customizing your phone feel free to reach us through comments.


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